MS Dhoni’s biopic earns whopping 21.3 crores on day 1

Indian cricketer MS Dhoni’s biopic, MS Dhoni – The Untold Story released all over India on the 30th of September to an absolutely overwhelming response from all corners. The biopic depicting the Indian Cricket Team’s captain’s journey from a school kid from a small town in Jharkhand (Then Bihar) to leading the Indian team to a world cup win has had audiences enthralled.

Screens all over the country were pre-booked as fans were desperate to get the first glimpse of the much-awaited Neeraj Pandey directed film. On day 1, the film raked in a massive 21.3 crores, way more than any biopic has ever earned in Bollywood history.

In further good news for the producers, the movie is the second highest grossing film on day 1 in 2016, bettering the likes of Housefull 3 and Shah Rukh Khan’s fan. The only movie to have done better than MS Dhoni – The Untold Story so far this year is Salman Khan’s Sultan.

The movie starts out with a scene from the Wankhede Stadium with the crowd expecting Yuvraj Singh to walk in after the departure of Virat Kohli, only for MS Dhoni to intervene and take things into his own hands by walking in at #5. As the Wankhede crowd erupts with chants of ‘Dhoni Dhoni’, we immediately cut to Dhoni’s school days and the story builds from there.

The director perfectly captures his growth from a kid who had just had his first associations with the game to a young man, who had to juggle between being a Ticket Collector for the Railways and trying to make a break in the world of sport.

The film also divulges details of Dhoni’s personal life, describing in detail the women in his life and the relationships he shared with them. The film builds towards the climax of the film, which is also the first scene, the Wankhede Stadium, with Dhoni walking out with the team in trouble.

All-in-all, it made for fantastic viewing and the audience were gripped through the course of the 3-hour rollercoaster.

As positive reviews pour in from all corners, the interest in the movie is only going to build and full houses are expected across the country in the days and weeks to come.

They would still have a long way to go to eclipse Sultan as the highest-grossing film of the year. In all, Sultan raked in an astounding 584 crores while the second highest grossing film of the year has been superstar Rajinikanth’s Kabali.


If you have seen the movie already, you are sure to have revelled in the sheer delight of recalling the man behind arguably India’s greatest moment on the grandest stage. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? MS Dhoni – The Untold Story is a delight.

Adnan Sami Gets Trolled By Pakistanis For Praising Indian Armed Forces’ Surgical Strikes

Singer Adnan Sami may originally be from Pakistan, but he is now a proud Indian citizen since January this year. And expressing his loyalty towards his nation, Adnan took to Twitter to laud the Indian armed forces on the surgical strikes in Pakistan.

He tweeted:


But this didn’t go down too well with people across the border.

But Sami refused to back down and tweeted: 

Gotta give the man credit for standing up for what he believes in.

Brave Indian Soldier’s Poem Warning Pakistan About The Consequences Of Its Actions Is Going Viral (Watch Now)

[Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the video do not necessarily state or reflect those of Einsay.]

The terrorist attack at the army base in Uri, Kashmir yesterday has left every Indian angry and fuming. The attack led to the death of 18 Indian soldiers.

Source: IndianExpress

And while everyone wants the Indian armed forces to take strong action against Pakistan, no one is more eager to do that than our own jawans, who lost many of their friends in the attack.

In a video that has gone viral after the attacks at Uri, a soldier is seen reciting a poem warning Pakistan. We’re not sure when or by whom this video was first uploaded, but it has been shared many times since yesterday. The soldier in the video recites a poem in which he warns Pakistan that India will not remain quiet for long if such heinous acts continue. He reminds Pakistan of all the wars they’ve fought and all the defeats faced by them. Here’s how he begins:

“We are lions and sons of lions and lions don’t fear anyone. Go and tell the Pakistanis that we are not afraid of bomb blasts or artillery, but we fear agreements of the Tashkent and Shimla standards. You create atom bombs and brag but you forget what happened in the ’65, ’71 and ’99 wars. You forget that a single soldier Abdul Hamid captured Patton Tanks and your American jets were burnt down by India’s soldiers. Remember how PNS Ghazi was sunk, remember how Dhaka was conquered, remember those 90,000 Pakistani prisoners of war, remember the Shimla agreement and the favours of Indira Gandhi.”

Emphatically then, he exclaims, “Pakistan! Hear this message loud and clear, if there’s another war, there will be a Kashmir but Pakistan will cease to exist!”

Watch the full video here: