Just a few years ago, all you needed for a website to be a success was a striking design and remarkable content. Well – Breaking News! – not any more. According to HubSpot, the latest metrics for a great website – one that ranks high in searches, and one that can be used most effectively in an inbound marketing strategy are as follows:

  1. Strong performance
  2. Mobile optimization
  3. Search engine optimization (SEO)
  4. SSL security enablement
  1. Strong Performance:
    Website performance can be explained using a lot of technical mumbo-jumbo, but to put it simply, it is the measure of how quickly a visitor is able to see the content on your website. Research suggests that the ideal load time for a website should be 3 seconds or lesser; any longer and the visitor will bounce away to another website. Even if they do linger at your website and wait for the page to load, they will be left with a negative impression of your business, resulting in a direct loss for your business. HubSpot research indicates that nearly 80% of shoppers who have a negative experience with a website are less likely to buy from that website.

How you can achieve it:

  1. One of the biggest culprits responsible for slow page loading is the size of images on your website. When you use photos, ensure that you pare down the image sizes and resolutions using efficient photo-editing software in order to speed up your page loading process.
  2. If your website has a lot of showy visual elements, try to reduce them a bit, because all the visual showiness is usually due to JavaScript and CSS code which can lead to slow loading speeds. Stunning design cannot win many customers if it takes forever to load. Strike the right balance between a great looks and a great performance.
  1. Mobile Optimization:
    All over the world, internet users are increasingly using their mobile phones to browse, read and make purchases online. In fact, in countries such as USA and China, the number of mobile internet users exceeds those who access the internet on their PCs. Hence it is a no-brainer that your website needs to be ‘optimized’ so that it reads and presents well on the small screens of iPhones or Android phones. You do not want your prospective customer to get turned off your website because she can’t read the minute script on your built-for-PC website.

Not only that, Google’s search algorithms look for mobile optimization, absence of which will affect your website’s search rankings.

How you can achieve it:

  1. By simplifying the content: Use bullet points, fewer navigation layers, larger, clearer CTAs, more easily accessible ‘Back’ and ‘Home’ buttons and simple icons.
  2. By incorporating location data
  3. By shortening and simplifying the checkout process
  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
    Search Engine Optimization of your website primarily helps Google’s search engine to locate and rank your websitein its search rankings so that users can find you easily. A website with content optimized for search will be a magnet for potential customers who are looking for solutions that you might be able to provide.

How you can achieve it: By optimizing the following components:

  1. Page Titles: The description of your website as shown in your web browser tab.
  2. Heading Tags: The tags of primary and secondary headers on the website that tell your visitor what the site is about.
  3. Meta Descriptions: Short descriptions of your website that show up along with the search results.
  1. Security:
    With hackers getting more sophisticated and sneakier by the day, you have to do all you can to protect your website and your customers’ accounts from being compromised. Having adequate security on your website can make all the difference between a user deciding to entrust his information with you or not; in other words, not having a robust online security arrangement can cost you valuable customers.

How you can achieve it: Ensure that your website is set up using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology. This technology creates a “tunnel” between an internet user’s web browser and your website’s server. Information such as user’s name, email id, login id, etc. sent via this “tunnel” is protected and not privy to third parties. Display this security feature prominently on your website to reassure users about the level of security provided by your website.

Conclusion: The goal of this article is to drive home the point that these factors are critical to a website’s ‘performance’ and hence, its success. It will be interesting to see how many websites around the world are actually performing at their peak, according to these criteria, but that’s a story for another time.

For now, get cracking and use this blog post as a primer to getting your website up in top shape. Your website can be a major factor in any inbound marketing strategy that you formulate to attract and convert leads to customers. After all, your website is the online storefront of your business and its effectiveness can play a huge role in determining your bottom line.

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4 Cost Effective Marketing Strategies Every Startup Should Be Aware Of

4 Cost Effective Marketing Strategies Every Startup Should Be Aware Of

For the success of any company there needs to be a dedicated and effective marketing strategy. With the transition from print only and Television only marketing channels, the advent of Internet-of-Things (IoT) has opened up varied avenues for marketing and promotion activities. Most emerging startups are growing the services sector and have much in relation to the online segment. As such, it becomes important to have a social media marketing spend to size up your presence and reach.
Here are a few cost effective marketing strategies that startups can immediately concentrate:

1. Building a partnership

Forging a partnership with other businesses can help you grow your business. Customer loyalty is something that is very difficult to achieve in the initial days when you are building up your brand or company. Building up a partnership with established businesses in your field can help you earn loyal customers that they have. People are extremely receptive about recommendations that they receive from businesses that they are loyal to and have trust in. You can use this to your advantage by developing a long standing and healthy relationship with other businesses.

Tie ups can also help your company to scale up. A well-known startup Uber, a cab-hailing platform, has been partnering with many food outlets, merchandise stores and dining restaurants to offer discounted rides to and from the location of these outlets. This helps both the partners in taking advantage of each other’s customers.

2. Making way for reviews

While direct customer interaction does help a company in reaching out to the potential customers, it does not do much in converting them to your customers. What it lacks is the unbiased and credibility that a person needs to earn trust. Reviews are one way in which this issue can be addressed. We are all aware of bloggers and writers providing reviews of popular destinations and products. Your company must try to provide a platform where the customers and clients can post their reviews. This will also help you in getting feedback and addressing the issues that must be arising.

3. Start writing blogs

Offering tips and tricks on things that are related to your business through blogs can also prove to be a great marketing strategy. For example, if you are a company that manufactures hair dryers, you can post blogs on easy to do tips to get the right kind of hair. In between the blogs you could mention about your products as tools to achieve the mentioned styles. This is really easy to do as you can find content or hire content writers online to provide you with blogs on the topics of your requirement.

Networking is the most popular cost effective marketing strategy. Meeting people at business forums and telling them about your products would hardly cost you anything but may land you up with helpful backers. Social media platforms like LinkedIn are dedicated towards networking. You can connect with anyone whom you may have heard or have met. You can then start promoting your startup and build your brand through it. Making a group page or joining a local business group can help you boost the reach of your company.

The last thing about networking is that it has to be professional. You should talk about your company to the people whom you meet. Be it a social gathering or a football match, carry your business card around and have a talk with them about the work that your company does. This will help you in increasing your customers.

These methods are easy to start with to build up on your startup and scaling it up in the most cost effective way.

The original article was published on Startup Simba.

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Online petition “Justice for Modi’s wife” gets tremendous response

New Delhi: PM Modi’s politically aimed shot at rescuing Muslim women from triple talaq has backfired rather badly.

The PM’s show of concern for welfare of Muslim women triggered criticism from various quarters. Apart from innumerable opinion pieces criticizing the PM for double standards an online petition titled ‘Justice for Jashodaben’ has been started by Mission Possible for Justice & Rights.

The petition says that, “In Islam, women are active agents in marriage and divorce, having rights to marry who they want and seek divorce if they want. The issue of triple talaq like you would want the people of this country to believe is not prevalent in the Muslim community. The unfortunate cases, where such incidents have been witnessed, the community by and large has strongly stood by the victim, and the law of the land has also ruled in their favour”

“While the issue of triple talaq, is a contentious one, in the Muslim community itself, with no legitimacy found for the practice in the Holy Qur’an and the books of Hadiths (Sayings of the Prophet (SAWS)), we the undersigned would want to ask Mr Prime Minister, what is the crime of your wife Jashodaben, who you abandoned after marrying, without giving her the rights of a wife, which she, like every other married woman deserves?”

The petition asks the Prime Minister to first put his own house in order before giving hollow speeches to trump up communal discord in the country?

It further reads “Not only have you deprived Jashodaben, the rights of a wife, you have also deprived her of the rights, which she as a citizen of this country deserves. In 2015, when Jashodaben tried to get a passport to travel abroad, to visit her family and friends, her application was returned because “there was no marriage certificate or a joint affidavit with the spouse”. And according to the passport office, a marriage certificate or a joint affidavit is a required document to get the passport.”

“Not only your wife, you also ruined the life of a young girl, from Ahmedabad in Gujarat, who was tailed, stalked, taped, tracked, snooped, spied upon by dozens of Gujarat state police, Crime Branch police, State Intelligence Bureau officials, Anti-Terrorism Squad, which was done under the instructions of the then State Minister of Home Amit Shah for his ‘Saheb’, who turned out to be none other than you.”

Referring to Gujarat riots, best bakery case the petition says that “a person like you, giving lectures on women’s rights is drenched in hypocrisy, because the world knows, how much you took care of Muslim women when they were being raped and burnt by mobs under your nose”.

“So, Mr. Prime Minister, stop shedding crocodile tears and stop patronizing Muslim women. If you really mean, what you say, then apologize and stand trial for the crimes you have committed against Muslim women, against your wife and against the young women who was stalked under your orders. Every other conversation starts after that”, the petition says.

So far the petition has garnered more than 5000 supporters.
To sign the petition click here.


Source: Saisat Daily.

Jio to pull plug sooner than expected

Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries’ welcome offer of free voice calls and data on its recently-launched Jio mobile phone service will be available till December 31 only for those users who buy the subscription by December 3.

India’s richest man had stormed his way into the telecom sector last month, announcing a Jio Welcome Offer beginning on September 4. The sector regulator TRAI in an order said that as per regulations, the free services by Jio will be limited to 90 days, which ends on December 3.

The revised offer of free services by Reliance Jio has been limited to 90 days i.e. December 3, 2016, and, therefore, is consistent with the guidelines on promotional offers, TRAI said in an order.

When contacted, a Jio spokesperson said that the Jio Welcome Offer or JWO benefits of free unlimited voice and data will be available to all subscribers up to December 31, 2016. However, the JWO will be available to new consumers for subscription till December 3, 2016, the spokesperson said.

He said that consumers who have not subscribed to services by December 3 will be able to subscribe to new offers as well as tariff plans that are available from Jio. Jio will continue offering consumer-friendly plans to enhance data and voice experience of all consumers, he added.

Ambani, while announcing the launch on September 1, had said that voice calling on Jio will be free for life and data would be charged at rock-bottom rates after the welcome offer ends. After the TRAI order, the company did not indicate the tariffs to be charged to users taking services after December 4. Incumbent operators like Bharti Airtel and Vodafone, along with industry body COAI, had approached the regulator against the new entrant’s scheme of offering free calls and unlimited data access to consumers till December 31, 2016. They had also complained that given the free data offer, a “tsunami” of “asymmetric” traffic originating from the Reliance Jio network was coming to their networks, leading to an increased number of call drops.

However, the regulator said the submissions made have been examined and “it is found that the tariff plans filed with TRAI cannot be considered as IUC non-complaint, predatory and discriminatory, at present.” It added that the Authority would continue to keep a close watch on the tariffs being offered in the market by all players, including Reliance Jio.


7 Biggest Mistakes of Email Marketing – What Not to do

Email marketing has been around for some time now. Almost any business worth its salt engages in email marketing to drive engagement with existing customers, draw in new customers and retain them for continued business. Yet, it is surprising how many email marketers get it wrong!

Yes, it is possible to do email marketing all wrong. Especially in the way email strategy is crafted, we would like to share what we’ve learned not to do: some the hard way (by making those gaffes ourselves) and some the smart way (by learning from others’ mistakes). Here are seven cardinal sins not to commit in the Eden of email marketing.

  1. Blandly describing your product:

“Sell benefits, not features” is an oft-repeated mantra in marketing. What it boils down to is this: don’t put the reader to sleep by droning on about your product’s features. He doesn’t care about them. Show him how they will make life easier for him/ increase traffic in his store/ boost the bottom line of his business. By focusing on how you can add value to your customer’s life, you increase the chances of him buying your product.

  1. Asking for too many “actions”:

Your intention might be good: you want to give the subscriber as many options as possible for the action to be taken – she could download an eBook, ask for a free consultation, and register for a webinar. But, unfortunately, having too many calls to action on a single email will confuse the reader. And a confused reader is not very likely to click on a call to action, is she? To increase your chances of having her click on the CTA, keep it down to one CTA per email. For other actions, craft separate emails. (Yes, it is hard work, but it works better!)

  1. Not caring why someone unsubscribes:

If your boyfriend/girlfriend broke up with you, wouldn’t you at least want to know why? It’s kind of the same when a subscriber unsubscribes from your mailing list (Ok, maybe it’s not exactly the same, but you get the point, right?). Have a field for the reason for unsubscribing. Most of the time, you might get the real reasons why your email didn’t work for your (un)subscriber. And Bang! You have ideas for improvement!

  1. Ignoring A/B testing:

No matter how perfect you think your email is, chances are, you can have a better version of it. Testing two great versions of your email will give you crucial insights on what works better and why. Ignore A/B testing for emails at your own risk!

  1. Not personalising your emails:

How irritating would it be to receive a chain of emails promoting something that is not relevant to you, AT ALL? Believe it or not, almost 50% of email marketers make this mistake of not correctly segmenting their subscriber lists! It’s not rocket science: it can be as simple as asking for relevant details in the sign-up form, or, making educated guesses from past online behaviours. It will be worth it.

  1. Forgetting to respond:

I can’t think of a bigger turn-off for the subscriber than this. If, after sending email after email to your potential customer, you finally get a response – a question about your service, a complaint even – and (horror of horrors!) you don’t do anything about it, it is like you’re saying, “I just sent the email. Now I don’t care about you.” Almost a guaranteed way of having the reader unsubscribe from your mailing list.

Instead, whatever it is, respond to your subscriber, if not immediately, at least within a reasonable time duration and address their concern.

  1. Flooding the inbox:

It’s always a good idea to ask how often your reader would like to receive emails: give them options and let them choose. That way, you’ll not be making the blunder of sending too many or too few emails.
So there you are, go ahead and create your brilliant emails and use your best strategies so that they reach the right group of people and generate interest, and ultimately, revenue for you!

Oh, and before I forget, do remember to optimize your email content and design for mobile. A current Pew & Nielsen report suggests that over 75% of smartphone users check their emails frequently on their devices. So be sure to give them a good mobile experience.

Before I sign off, I’d like to know if you have had any email marketing challenges, and how you solved them.

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Another Reason Why Inbound Marketing is Winning!

Years ago, businesses reached their customers through trade fair, print advertisements, along with other conventional promotion methods. Today, consumers begin their shopping experience by looking on the web, in the search engines, the blogosphere, and social network sites.

Inbound Advertising is advertising focused on being found by customers. This concept is linked to Seth Godin’s idea of permission promotion. Conventional promotion is where firms concentrate on finding clients by marketing, cold calling, eMail blasts, and direct mail. This concept is related to invasion advertising and Godin’s term gap advertising. Outbound Advertising intrudes on the attention of consumers to interrupt them in their alternative activities to advertise some service or merchandise.

Outbound Advertising became less successful in latest years due to the more advanced ways that you’ll find to block most of these advertisements, eg, do not call listings, spam blockers, and TiVo. With Inbound Advertising, on the other hand, rather than interrupting individuals with TV ads, the companies create videos that would-be customers need to see. Content — The most crucial part of the successful Inbound Advertising strategy is making good content which will bring individuals to you. A blog can provide lots of advantages to your organization and virtually all of them relate to Inbound Advertising. By creating great content, you will rise in organic search results page, create linkable content, and educate your audience.

Every one of those results will help you bring in warm leads which have been prequalified via a Google search for relevant conditions or by reading comparable content that links to you. Also to web blogging, there are numerous other types of excellent content to create which will bring interested visitors.
Search engine optimization allows prospective clients and others to find your content easily.
Social Media — Social network amplifies the impact of the content. Whenever your content is dispersed across and mentioned on internet sites, it becomes more reliable and is more prone to draw qualified clients to your site.

By sticking with these Inbound Advertising strategies, you will continually bring in new leads and grow, however, it’s not going to happen overnight. While Inbound Advertising will save you money, it does take an ample dedication and persistence. You cannot be in the top Google results for desired conditions instantly, but by making a long term dedication to Inbound Advertising, you’ll see results. This dedication requires that you create quality content via a Content Management System, communicate with individuals through social network, and try new ideas to bring traffic to your site.

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Karate Kid of Hyderabad Made the Country Proud

Adika. Naga Siri Chandana started learning karate at the age of 5, recently she has submitted test for black belt. She has been trained by Mr. Sameul , who is passionate in training the karate aspirants and supported Naga Siri Chandana for all her achievements.

She has participated in many State, National and International level karate tournaments. Awarded with Gold, Silver or Bronze medals in each of them.

In the recent past she has participated in the 18th FSKA World Cup Shotokan Karate Championship organized between 22nd Sep to 25th Sep at Mumbai and bagged Silver in Spiring and Bronze in Kata. Also has been invited to participate in International tournament held at Malaysia in Feb’ 2017

Here is the event detail: Click Here 

She has represented India among the 70 countries that participated in the event.


On 2nd Oct’2016 she met Mr. Vinay Bhasker (Hanamkonda MLA) and Warangal MP Mr. Dayaker Pasunoori to share her world cup victory moments. Given below the pictures referring the same.

picture1 picture2

She was also honoured by many other celebrities and local politicians.

Here are few of the details of her past achievements:

All India open martial arts championship – 2014 – spiring – 1st place

All India kungfu and karate championship – 2014 – spring 1st place

1st Telangana state level open karate and kungfu championship – 2014 –spiring 2nd place

6th National open to all style karate and kungfu championship -2015 – spiring 1st place

1st Telangana state level open to all style karate and kungfu championship 2015 –spring 1st place

2nd Telangana state open karate and kungfu championship – 2016 – spiring –1st place

Also, she has been excited to do a lot of karate stunts. Below are few of the samples.

Stone breaking (of 70kgs weight) on 15th Aug’2016

Bike on stomach feat

and many more…. At this young age, she is an inspiration for the country and showing what the daughters of India are capable of.

Mr.Samuel who is the coach for this Karate kid Says:

I’m happy to have Siri as my student. She is not just a student for me but much more than that. Her deadly dedication towards karate motivates to train.



Pakistani ‘chai wala’ setting the social media on fire

A blue-eyed young ‘chai wala’ (tea seller) from Pakistan, who became an internet sensation after his photo was posted on Instagram, has got the job of a model.

Retail site has signed on the youngster, Arshad Khan, as a model for an undisclosed amount and his first shoot is already out, the Dawn reported on Wednesday.

His photo was posted by an aspiring photographer, Jiah Ali, on October 14. It was picked up in the West, including the popular US website Buzzfeed.

One of 18 siblings, Arshad hails from Kohat and has been making tea at Islamabad’s Sunday Bazaar for three months. He has never been to school.

According to Dawn, Arshad doesn’t know when his photograph was taken or who took it.

This Mom Shaved Her Daughter’s Head To Punish Her For Bullying A Cancer Patient

How far have your parents gone to punish you for something wrong that you did? Probably, grounded you for a week, banished you from using the internet or watching the television. But can you imagine a parent going to an extent of shaving your head?

A shocking footage of a mom shaving her daughter’s head is being extensively shared online after the mother apparently discovered that her daughter had been bullying a classmate who had cancer. To add to the extremity of this punishment, the mother is being filmed shaving her daughter’s hair.

This act — which was an attempt to give the daughter the taste of her own medicine — witnesses the girl screaming helplessly as her mother shaves her long dark locks leaving her bald by the end of the video.

A caption on the video says: ‘This girl bullied another girl at her school who has cancer so her mum decided to shave her head.’

However, according to reports,  the clip was first posted on Facebook back in February 2015, with a different description that stated that the girl had uploaded nudes online and hence the mother punished her for that. This video — with no clarity on where it could have been filmed because the voice isn’t clear — started going viral only this week.

Watch the video here:

Whatever may be the facts, the real question is — if it is even fine or legal to do something this awful to a kid? Do punishments need to be so outrageous and brutal?

The internet is all kinds of disgusted. Some called it bad parenting and some said — “Parents need to stop posting their children’s humiliation on the internet.”

Some even supported the mother saying that the hair will grow back and that it’s a good way teaching the kid a lesson. We understand that bullying is a cruel thing to do but is this even a way to teach a kid a lesson?

Let us know your thoughts.

Army hands over footage of surgical strikes to government

NEW DELHI: As chorus for showing proof of the surgical strikes on terror launch pads grew, Union Minister Hansraj Ahir on Wednesday said the Army has handed over to the government video clips of the cross-LoC operation as per the laid down procedure.

Ahir said there is a process for putting such issues in perspective which was duly followed by the Army as well as the government.

“The laid down procedure has been followed. The DGMO briefed (about the surgical strikes). It was not the Defence Minister nor the Prime Minister and not the Home Minister. It was the DGMO who briefed (the media). That was the right thing to do and they (Army) did it.

“There was a time when written documents were submitted. Now the times have changed. Now clips are given and the clips have been given,” he told reporters here.

The Minister of State for Home’s statement came amidst the growing chorus for showing proof of Army’s surgical strikes on terror launch pads in PoK.

A political slugfest broke out yesterday over surgical strikes on terror launch pads across the LoC with Mumbai Congress chief Sanjay Nirupam calling it “fake”, provoking stinging criticism from BJP even as his own party said it “totally dissociates” from his remarks.
The Congress leader went on to demand “some evidence” to prove the surgical strikes did take place and accused the Centre’s ruling BJP of indulging in politics over the issue.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal too had asked the government to release the proof of the cross-LoC surgical strikes to counter the Pakistani propaganda against the operation.

With patriotic sentiments running high amid soaring tensions with Pakistan, Union Minister Uma Bharti said leaders who cast “doubt over the Army’s surgical strike should take Pakistani citizenship”.