Feed Hungry People Not the Dustbins

Feed Hungry People Not the Dustbins

In this blog, we will share few shocking facts about hungry people and stats about hunger and why it is important to donate food.

Let us tell you one thing you are really blessed because not everyone is as lucky as you to have food on time. When we are praying to god for a new car, house, favorite bike etc, there are people who pray for proper food.  Read more

Multimedia Content

How Multimedia Content Considered As A Origin For Blog?

We have recently talked about the evergreen content how to create it and why they are important for your site. True, blogs are great for driving traffic, but they aren’t the only type of content that you can create. There are many types of quality content that you can add to your site, not only make it more interesting for your visitors, but the multimedia content has many on-page SEO benefits as well.

Create Huge Multimedia Origin

When talking about blogs, people immediately think of written articles.  Writing is definitely a big part of it, but there are many other things that you can create. Even better by adding multiple types of content together and posting them as one big resource.

Written articles are quite boring to look at. A huge mass of text can be quite discouraging for some, which can put people off from reading it. Any other types of content that you can add to your posts will encourage people to keep reading and stay on your site for longer. A better way of looking at it though is that you are creating a much bigger resource for people to enjoy/learn from it. You are essentially making it easier for people to keep coming back to your site and share your resource.

Think about it, if you were visiting a site would you prefer to share lots of little bits of content on the same subject or one huge resource?

On-Page SEO Benefits

The Added benefit of multimedia content resources is that it makes it easier for search engines to find you.

On-Page SEO is just a term for information that search engines use to identify what your content is about. The more information you can give, the easier it is for them to share it with people.

An article with images, videos, audio, etc. could also be found via Google images, YouTube, etc. if you add a link back to your blog (post), you can get natural traffic that way. What search engines are looking for though is it’s;

  •     Title,
  •     Alt tags,
  •     Keywords and other defining information.

That is what helps them identify what your content is about.

As multimedia resources contain many different types of content on the same/similar subject, search engines will be able to gain a clearer understanding of what your content is about. The easier they can do this, the more people they can send to your site as it will rank higher in the SERPs.

Let’s start with the obvious one – images!

Images are used so frequently that we can sometimes forget about them as readers. If though you were to remove them all, you would definitely notice!  Images are much more than simple window dressing; they can help illustrate a point, convey your ideas more clearly, be funny, entertaining, helpful, etc. That is why you should always strive to include images where you can in your posts.

The more ways there are for people to find your site, the more traffic you will get.


An infographic means information with graphics is the only way of displaying information in a unique and visually appealing way. This information can be anything really, though the best are usually created using statistics or data. The best thing about infographics is that they are simply images. You can include so much quality information in one that it becomes very useful to people. These can then be easily shared on social media or uploaded and used on other websites.

Pinterest is a great place to both find and shares your infographics with people.

What is better than a single image? Multiple images of course!

Slideshows are a great way to group together images in one nice, tidy place for people to flick through. If all your images are related then you can package them up as topical slideshows. There are plenty of sites online that will allow you to make a slideshow, as well as enabling you to share it online and embed it into your website.

Video Marketing

Videos are a great way to engage with your audience. More often than not, when given the choice between reading something and watching something, people will choose the later. It is easier to connect with audiences and understand what the creator was explaining when you can actually see/hear them. Tutorials are much easier to understand when you can see exactly what you need to do, instead of reading a description. Sites like YouTube, Vimeo and others are great places to upload your videos to. The added benefit of YouTube, of course, it is owned by Google, which means that they give preference to YouTube videos, helping them to rank higher in the SERPs.

Multimedia content, no matter what it is, is good for your site. You don’t have to add all of the above to each post, but it doesn’t hurt to add one of two to each. It can actually be quite good to go back to some old content and add something new to refresh it. The great thing is, you don’t even have to create the content yourself. Add videos from YouTube and slides from SlideShare and people will appreciate it. You are sharing their content to give them more exposure and you in return get some nice free multimedia content for your site.

Publishing massive resources all the time isn’t possible in most cases. Aim to make them into evergreen content and they could bring in traffic consistently over time.

What type of content do you use in your posts? What content do you like on other sites? Let us know your views about all these in the comment section!


Google Ads Vs. Facebook Ads

Accordant to Latest Marketing which Ads is more Muscular?(Google Ads Vs. Facebook Ads)

We all are aware of latest marketing trends and their ads campaign which are running (Google and Facebook) Worldwide access to the internet via smartphones, tablets and computers which has driven the success of many companies.

Most notably, Google has witnessed staggering growth as a result of technological innovation.

Change is largely familiar with Google as the dominant search engine platform. Google operates in multiple verticals consisting of mobile operating systems, hardware, video technology, and social media.

Facebook’s growth came as a result of widespread use of its social media platform. Connecting families, friends and colleagues through an easily-navigable website were innovative at the time. But in addition to conquering social media, Facebook’s business ventures consist of the acquisitions of Instagram, WhatsApp, and VR.


Google and Facebook credited as entry into new markets via web-based search and social media, it’s an advertising service offered by Google and Facebook that drive continued revenue growth with massive audiences. As Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, both operate through pay-per-click advertising channels. Although the difference between the two advertising services may be apparent, quantifying the maximum return on investment is difficult.

Google AdWords & AdSense

Generating over 95% of revenue in last year Google AdWords is an online advertising service that allows companies to leverage new audiences. It primarily focuses on keywords that users type into search. Through efficient search engine optimization and Google AdWords, companies can seamlessly attract website traffic but be operating on a cost-per-click basis, companies are only charged when their ad has been clicked.

Facebook Ads

Facebook earns revenue from advertisements sold to companies. In fact, a majority of Facebook’s revenue is generated from a website and mobile advertising. Facebook Ads target user profiles and advertisers can use information like age, gender, and geographic location to target an audience network. Furthermore, user “Likes” will generate the appearance of ads like keywords on Google AdWords.

Due to the nature of Facebook’s website, the average session tends to last much longer than a typical Google search. As a result, user information collected from Facebook offers a better representation of an individual’s consumer habits. Advertisers use this to target audiences more likely to purchase their company’s goods or services.

Mobile Advertising

Over the past 10 years, the expansion of mobile technology has transformed the consumer landscape. From the inception of the smartphone and later the tablet, mobile advertising has become the primary focus for companies and advertisers. Currently, mobile advertising is broken down into a two-company race one is Google and another is Facebook.

Under these criteria, Google will be more Muscular than Facebook in web and mobile advertising. Well if it comes about online marketing, web presence, leads, conversions and traffic of each website, Google and Facebook are generally believed to be the best platforms for advertisers to reach their target audiences.

Moto C Pus Mobile

Moto C Plus Mobile Review: A Smart Choice Under 7000 Rs

No, I am not a ‘Techie Nerd’. I am just some random customer who bought Moto C Plus Mobile a few months back. This review won’t be having in detail technical specifications or post-mortem of a smartphone at a professional level. This review as simple as possible. Actually, that’s my intelligence level when it comes to explaining a smartphone. So, hang on and I promise by the end of this article you’ll get a clear picture of Moto C Plus Mobile phone. Read more

5 Hollywood Celebrities Whose Charity Work Will Shock You

There are celebrities who understand the responsibility of the status they hold in the society. They showcase their human side by donating millions of rupees for various causes. They inspire people for the charity work and encourage them to think about the welfare of the society. We always hear about their movies and awards but the charity work by these celebrities is worth reading. We bet these Hollywood celebrity charity work will amaze you. Read more

Rise of the Dedicated Shopping Day

Rise of the Dedicated Shopping Day – Infographic In terms of retail, we have witnessed a huge shift in shopping behaviors over recent years. With the advent of E-commerce websites, people can now access so many products and services without even setting foot into a physical offline store. This of course presents a challenge for retailers but it presented and presents many opportunities for online retailers.

As a result we have seen the advent of the dedicated shopping day. This has allowed retailers to create focus and buzz surrounding their product offering(s) and has been hugely successful in generating huge volumes of sales for these online behemoths. For the consumer, it has resulted in a vast array of well priced and at times hugely discounted products.

The guys at Carvaka have put together this Infographic below which details many elements of dedicated shopping days that will spark some interest. It highlights some key statistics and facts and also focuses on the monumental rise of the current most “popular” or lucrative dedicated shopping day in the world. See below to learn more!

Playing national anthem in cinema halls not mandatory: All you need to know

Playing the national anthem in cinema halls is not mandatory any more. The Supreme Court stated this on Tuesday, a day after the government asked it to review its October 2016 order, in which it had made playing Jana Gana Mana mandatory to instill “committed patriotism and nationalism.”

Reiterating that citizens should respect the anthem, the top court directed a panel, set up by the government, to take into account all aspects of the matter. The SC has also retained that, irrespective of the governemnt’s decision, differently-abled citizens will be exempt from standing when the anthem is played.

What is the row over playing the national anthem in cinema halls?

On November 30, 2016, a bench of Justices Dipak Misra and Amitava Roy mandated that the anthem be played before the screening of every film in every theatre across the country. The direction was given “for love and respect for the motherland is reflected when one shows respect to the National Anthem as well as to the National Flag.”

“A time has come, the citizens of the country must realise that they live in a nation and are duty bound to show respect to National Anthem, which is the symbol of the constitutional patriotism and inherent national quality,” the bench added.

It was hearing a PIL filed by a retired engineer from Bhopal, Shyam Narayan Chouksey, who sought norms regarding the playing of the national anthem in public places, including cinema halls, entertainment programmes and during official functions.

The SC’s order in 2016 led to widespread debate, with a section of people protesting it. The film society petitioned the court to recall its order.

So, was the directive followed?

Yes, the directive was enforced across the country within 15 days of the order. Every screen was made to show an image of the national flag when the anthem was played. The doors of the halls were closed and all Indian nationals were made to stand, barring the differently-abled.

What happened if they didn’t?

There were incidents of violence at halls, when people refused to stand up for the anthem. In one case, the Chennai police even booked some students for taking a selfie while the anthem was being played.

Why did the SC revise its order?

Based on the petition filed by the film society, the SC in October 2017 directed the government to take a call on the question of regulating the playing of the anthem in movie halls and other public places. Justice D Y Chandrachud had, in fact, wondered, “Why do people have to wear their patriotism on their sleeve?”

“People go to a movie theatre for undiluted entertainment. Society needs that entertainment,” he added.

In response to this, the Centre yesterday asked the top court to reexamine its order. It also told the court that it has set up an inter-ministerial committee to look into the matter. It said the 12-member committee would “consider wide-ranging issues relating to the National Anthem and has to have extensive discussions” and “will give its recommendations in this regard in six months time from the date of its constitution.”

Build safe roads or refund tax irked Hyderabad citizens Start Online Petition

Irked with crumbling, pothole-ridden roads that have become a commuting nightmare, the citizens of Hyderabad have decided to register their protest online.

An online petition on Change.org that asks for safe roads in Hyderabad within six months, or a refund of the road taxes paid by citizens, has garnered over 12,000 signatures in a single day.

The petition, started by Raja Mamidi, has seen several people sharing it on social media like Twitter and Facebook and venting their ire on the poor state of the city’s infrastructure.

“Heavy rains for the past one week have damaged the city and created the usual potholes. Even national highways passing through the city are badly damaged with sinkholes and washed out bitumen,” the petition reads.

Citing a recent study, the petition also states that, “There are about 340 locations in Kukatpally zone which are critical and there are 880 choke points which are causing water logging during heavy showers.”

It also points out how thousands of software employees are stuck in perpetual traffic jams, while trying to reach their offices and homes in the IT hub of Madhapur, Kondapur and Gachibowli.

Speaking to TNM, Raja said that the petition was started out of frustration and concern.

Speaking about the incident that triggered the petition, Raja says, “One of my employees got stuck in a manhole on Monday, and fell from his bike. He called us, and we rushed to get him first aid, but it took us more than two hours to help him out.”

“We realised that it could happen to anyone, and not everyone was as fortunate. That’s when we thought that we should take action,” Raja, who is a IIIT-graduate and an entrepreneur, adds.

“On Tuesday morning, we had around 30 signatures, and we had more than 12,000 by Wednesday morning. We are hoping for a greater reach, so it comes to the notice of the concerned authorities,” Raja says.

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) must at least face this heat, and understand the problems that the citizens are facing. It is their responsibility to fix these roads, and I’m expecting a dialogue with this petition,” Raja adds.

The petition demands a public announcement from the Telangana government on three things.

1. Identifying the damaged roads/drainages in the city and make the data publicly available. So that public can contribute for the data set.

2. Action plan with timelines about fixing the roads.

3. Continual public announcements on the progress of the promised timelines till it is completely achieved.

A link to the petition can be found here.

Salman Honoured By UK House of Commons For His Outstanding Achievement For Global Diversity

Salman Khan is a superstar and he has the biggest heart in the industry. His popularity is ever growing and so much so that after he was invited to be a part of Academy Awards voting panel among other Bollywood celebs, he has now been bestowed with an award by UK House of Commons for outstanding achievement for global diversity.

 He was given the honour by British Asian MP Hon Keith Vaz. Here are some of the pictures from the event in which Salman Khan looked dapper as always.

The man who runs the NGO Being Human was quoted as saying by Indian Express, “Thank you for the respect and honour you have given me. My father would have never thought… But the amount of respect you guys have given me, thank you so much for it.”

 Salman Khan is in the UK for his Da-Bangg Tour along with  Sonakshi Sinha, Jacqueline Fernandez and Daisy Shah among other stars. Salman will perform on Sep. 17.

Congratulations, Salman Khan!