Facebook Ad Manager Mobile App

New Update: Facebook Ad Manager App With New Creative Tools!

Recently, Facebook updated Ads Manager app with a suite of new creative tools, via mobile device advertisers can create an ad content. In 2015, Ads Manager app was introduced. This mobile solution was introduced for creating and monitoring Facebook ads.

Today, image-based content for Facebook ads had to be created outside of the Ads Manager app. Advertisers would have to save the image to their phone and upload it to Ads Manager. With this new update, Ads Manager is a step closer to being an all-in-one mobile solution for Facebook advertisers. Advertisers can edit the ad images and they can create the advertisement itself, directly from the Ads Manager app.

This new update to Ads Manager can now be downloaded on iOS and Android. Read more for further assistance with Facebook ads:


Facebook Ads Manager now offers the following creative tools:

Text Overlay & Text Policy Checker: Incorporate text within an ad, select different fonts, adjust the text’s positioning, and alter clarity. This text policy will be based on Facebook’s guidelines.


Image Cropper: Crop images to fit within ads and Page posts.


Templates: Ad templates are fully customized and comprised.


Shapes, Stickers & Logos: Add a logo, stickers, and shapes to customize the ad and showcase important information.


Color Filters: Adjust the look of an ad by adding color filters.


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Learn more about Pay-Per-Click Marketing Basics and its best practices in PPC keywords, ad targeting, and much more!



Google Docs just got an update with a new AI grammar tool. By now, everyone knows about the free and paid service known as Grammarly. When enabled in your browser, it can provide you a real-time corrections for grammar and syntax errors. However, it gets things wrong sometimes.

Read more about the use of Artificial Intelligence :

 Despite Grammarly’s integration with Microsoft Word, the program didn’t work with Google Docs. However, thanks to the latest news from Google, Grammarly might not be the only grammar fixing AI tool in town for Google users now.

Coming Soon: Machine Translation AI Tools.

The machine translation algorithm recognizes errors in real-time. It even makes suggestions for corrections as you type. Google claims the tool can spot incorrect article usage as well as more complicated grammatical and syntax issues. A highly effective approach to grammar correction that is machine translation-based.

@Imarks (2)

 Google isn’t the only company to leverage AI for things like real-time grammar fixing.

  • Deep Grammar : It offers a similar tool based on natural language processing. This works similarly to the Inbenta Chatbot, but for the sake of grammar checking. It appears that Deep Grammar is still in development, but its “coming soon.”
  • PaperRater :It offers plagiarism checking, grammar checks, and writing suggestions.
  • CorrectEnglish : Its functions are similarly to the Grammarly browser plugin. You can get suggestions in real time, while also using proofreading tools.
  • Word Counter : It offers expanded tools like word counting, reading level, speaking time, keyword density, and more details about any given piece of content.

We don’t know if the new Google Docs grammar AI will be on the same level as these tools and Grammarly. We will update you with more latest findings in our upcoming article. So, according to your point of view which AI-based grammar and writing tool do you prefer the most to use? Do answer….!!!


Why Instagram launched IGTV? An Entertainment IGTV App | Long Form Video Tool

Instagram opened new IGTV platform for long-form video, making it possible for all users to upload hour-long video content that will live within the standalone app.

As we all know about IGTV the trending news and a part of a global community of a billion monthly actives on Instagram. As Kevin Systrom (CEO), launched Instagram’s new IGTV platform, offering up a variety of stats around video consumption on the platform.

Research says on Instagram, viewers are watching 70 percent more video than they did just last year. An entirely new category of video now exists, and it’s being made by creators. Teens may be watching less TV, but they’re watching more creators online. That makes Instagram one of the largest and most engaged audiences anywhere in the world, by making a clear pitch that it aims to be a formidable competitor to YouTube. The IGTV video content is optimized to fit how users watch video on their phones with full-screen vertical videos. Content will start playing as soon as a user clicks on the TV-shaped icon on Instagram or opens the IGTV app.


What announcement made by Instagram :

You don’t have to search to start watching content from people you already follow on Instagram and others you might like based on your interests. You can swipe up to discover more switch between “For You,” “Following,” “Popular” and “Continue Watching.” You can also like, comment and send videos to friends in Direct.

There are no ads on IGTV right now, but the CEO did say that the video platform was obviously a reasonable place to offer advertising options.  According to the news report, some advertisers are already reporting they are shifting their Facebook ad to Instagram because of Facebook’s rising ad costs. The launch of IGTV offers the potential for an entirely new platform for Instagram ads something that only sparks more interest in Instagram from advertisers wanting more affordable ad options.

Instagram will also look to ways for creators to monetize their content an effort Facebook has been focused on for a while now.

The launch of IGTV is really exciting because it now means that Instagram covers all the bases. Influencers will be able to post photos and videos to their feed, make Stories that last for 24 hours, stream live videos and make these new 60 minute TV shows. It also means that influencers will no longer need to redirect their audiences to YouTube, they will be able to post all of their content in one place.

The IGTV platform within Instagram and standalone app began rolling out globally on Android and iOS, and, according to Instagram, it should be available to all users over the next coming few weeks.

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Know The Glimpse of “Engagement” Word In Content Marketing!

The glimpse of content marketing, it’s inescapable as success comes down to engagement. Maybe you have a broody branding, products and a hard-working team, but if you’re not engaging your customers through content marketing tactics, you’ll never reach your full potential. Simply put, without engagement, a key component of your marketing strategy somewhat will be missing with the audience.

Do you really want to know how successful content marketers engage themselves with day to day updates?

Then let’s take a look at some of the top digital marketing blogs tips for engaging audiences with their facts and prospects.

Set Engagement Objectives

If you have a business goal of improving the customer experience, a key KPIs might be the rate of customer service issues that are handled—via different channels like social media, email and your website. Once you have outlined your engagement goals and objectives, as well as the metrics to monitor them, you can map those goals with your content marketing strategy.

Aligning content topics and general content goals with your engagement objectives will help to keep your content focused and reveal any gaps where there no content to support an objective.

@content marketing (2)

Sharpen Your Social Sharing Tactics

Think beyond your own social media channels when it comes to social sharing, which means focusing on ways to encourage readers to share with their own audiences. Social Sharing is one of the most powerful ways to get your content shared across the social media. Tools like Canva it helps to make it easy to create images formatted for social media with text, images, and graphics.

Target Personas, Not Demographics

Lots of digital marketing blogs focus on a specific niche, but there are several reasons for the targeting of various personas.  They mostly, encourage engagement by allowing the content to speak to its audience with specialized language and a baseline understanding. To the reader, it translates as authority, and it’s much more engaging. The focus on marketing personas also helps organize the site’s menu structure.

Be a Storyteller

Few things are more engaging to an audience than a good story. There are different ways to be a storyteller, but the most important thing is to establish a connection with your audience. Most successful content marketers share enough about themselves or their brand so that their audience can relate. They use their own experiences to illustrate a point through storytelling.

Ask them to Engage

The more engaging your content is, the more people will have something to say about it, which leads to the converted into comment either on your blog or on social media. However, people are more likely to respond if they’re asked to do so. Give readers a nudge with a question at the end of your blogs that directly asks for their opinions.

Create Engaging Content Like the Pros

There’s no doubt that digital marketing blogs are valuable resources on many different levels: The content is useful, and the blog itself is a testament to the effectiveness of the strategies they talk about.

When people visit their favorite blog mostly, they don’t just pay attention to the content, they will look at the visuals, the placement of the share buttons and storyteller style. Most of all pay attention to how and why people get engage and ways to apply these tips to their own content marketing strategy.

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Artificial Intelligence

How AI Impacts Digital Marketing – 2018

Artificial Intelligence is already in a dynamically evolving phase by revolutionizing industries. Advent increase in technology affects the business strategies and operations.AI holds a huge potential in the field of digital marketing by providing a better customer experience, targeted marketing and predictive analysis that gives a major impact in obtaining high ROI to business.

AI and Digital Marketing

Marketers were hesitant to incorporate artificial intelligence into their strategies. While with the broad impact AI continues to be the important for business. Marketers witnessed confidence by practical application. They observed that there is less confusion with the application and reaped significant benefits.

Let’s check out how AI can impact digital marketing. What are the capable areas where AI can tremendously boost digital marketing?

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing

1. Makes Your Decisions Easier with Predictive Marketing

Want to know how it works?

Here we go! Whenever a user browses on internet new data is generated and that is collected for AI analysis. The data which is obtained can reveal the information like user needs and future actions. Based on this data marketing can be optimized to get the most relevant information.

This further reduces the sales-cycle work as the relevant information is handed over to customers all at one go. The predictive campaigns can drastically reduce customer research on the product. From the view of marketers, they can continue to analyze the buyer through data and even make the customers back.AI-enabled algorithms will have a huge impact and challenge the current ‘hotshots’ like SEO. With AI powering chances of trends such as SEO, banner ads become obsolete.

 2.Personalizing the user experience

 This is the major breakthrough where AI can create a significant impact. The major concept of a marketer in fact the belief of a marketer is customer is the king. When it comes to digital marketing content is the king. So, if content marketing strategy is aligned with artificial intelligence it could show the ultimate impact. Based on data gathered such as customer interests, buying behavior and especially on customer search, customized content campaigns can be conducted.

Chatbots are another example of AI interference which are designed to interact with the customers. This would completely enhance the user experience. Traditional chatbot and text communication will soon give away to a multi-dimensional approach with sensory abilities such as voice and touch. It gives the complete virtual experience as talking to a real person with consciousness.

Augmented reality, will help user to make easy decision as they are able to perceive the product even before purchasing. This will regulate a quicker response from the customer and in turn generates the revenue.

3.Using image recognition to get maximum ROI

 Image recognition was confined only to identify the objects but with the emerging technology AI can assist to get the complete information of an image. This can be used in various ways for various sectors.

For Banking Sector for making the fastest payment process and improve the customer security.

The social media outreach is more with the images. According to the research the world population shares around 4 billion images a day. Machine language software will look for images in social media and compare it to a large image library to draw relation. AI will help to align the marketing strategies in order to extract maximum Return on Investment.


 Finally we can know much better than we ever did.  Artificial intelligence will bring marketers and customers closer in the coming years. There will be a mutual benefits to customers in better understanding of a product and marketers have a better understanding of consumers. Artificial Intelligence acts as a link between Customer and marketer.

With artificial intelligence as the connecting link between them, it would be interesting to see how digital marketing turns out in 2018.Predictive analysis will Optimize decision making, and better sales-cycle. But this time both customers and brands would be on the winning side.

Let’s watch how marketers are going to use this Artificial Intelligence and multiply their revenue.

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What Are The Different Types Of Instagram Ads?

In Instagram Business Page, Instagram ads are more resembling than Facebook ads. As Instagram ads are quickly evolving, businesses with more options like increases brand awareness and website visits.

Picture Ad

This picture ad format is the first ad in Instagram ads. Advertisers have the option to create sponsored posts featuring a product or service they offer. They also have the option to add calls to action that leads to the appropriate page on the different business’ website. These all include phrases such as “shop now”, “install now”, “sign up”, “learn more”, etc.


Picture and Interactive Navigation Ad

If you want to get next level with your Instagram ads, try the picture and interactive navigation ad. This ad assimilate a tool that allows viewers to build their own personal product without leaving Instagram! For every category chosen, the advertisers are directed to a new Instagram page that includes information regarding the categories.

Multi-Photo Carousel Ads

With Instagram’s carousel ads, advertisers are able to showcase multiple photos within a single ad by including a link to the brand’s website/webpage. The creativity of displaying carousel ads lies in the advertiser’s hands. You can be “storyteller” with a sequence of photos, or simply display the product what you are advertising by using different shots.

Insta Image Ad

30 Second Video Ads

To develop a “cinematic flavor”, Instagram has rolled out 30-second of video ads. Prior to this recent launch, ads were limited to the basic Instagram video length of 15 seconds. These ads allow advertisers to move audiences through visual inspiration.

Insta Image Ad       @imarks

Instagram Marquee

Recently launched by Instagram, a new tool called ‘Marquee’ that allows advertisers to drive mass awareness and reach within a short period of time. This will be the perfect for showcasing a new product or for any business that wants to address on current topics.


Aside from the above-mentioned Instagram ads formats, advertisers are now able to publish a photo and video advertisements in a landscape format. Instagram ads are effortlessly making their way into the paid social scene.

With a community of more than 500+ million users, advertisers from large, medium and small businesses globally have the ability to generate clicks to a website, increase mobile app installs, increase video views, as well as massive awareness.

Do share your valuable feedback in the comment box about different types of Instagram Ads. Soon we’ll get back with some more informative blogs trends on Instagram.

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singhanita -Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies in Hyderabad, India

Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Hyderabad

Digital Marketing Agencies in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, the pearl city of India, is the capital of Telangana in Southern India and it is the very popular city with respect to business we also know that every business requires digital marketing in today’s world. For your help, we are enlisting Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies in Hyderabad, India to empower your businesses on the basis of their web, search engine, social media presence.

Here in this comprehensive list of best digital marketing companies in Hyderabad, Digital Marketing Agencies build effective approaches to get your brand in limelight. They use cultivatable tools to get you the results you aim for. They offer a number of solutions to your Digital Marketing related problems.

singhanita - Digital Marketing Agencies in Hyderabad

1.IMarks : A Digital Marketing & Digital Media Company

Company Official Description: IMarks is an Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency based in Hyderabad, India. They are the most respected Internet marketing agency in Hyderabad who served more than 400 customers and having branches at Riyadh, Dubai, Mumbai, Vijayawada, and Vizag.

They specialize in everything from Digital Marketing Strategy,  SEO, SMO, SEM, SMM Services, Content, Website Design & Development. They are Google partner Agency in India, offers full-service online media & marketing solutions and provides end to end Digital Marketing Solutions.

2.ShootOrder : Digital Marketing Agency

Company Official Description: ShootOrder is the best full-service digital marketing company in Hyderabad, India. They are among the top-ranked digital marketing agency and responsive website design company with 200+ clients across the globe. They are the reason behind the success of many internet start-ups. With their branch office in Noida (Delhi NCR), they are looking to rapidly spread our wings all over India. Over the years, ShootOrder has developed their own tools for digital marketing activities which makes them unique, cost-effective at the same time experts in their field.

3.Ybrant Digital (Newly Named as Lycos)

Company Official Description: Ybrant Digital Limited is the new-age digital media company offering Digital Marketing solutions to businesses, agencies, and online publishers worldwide. Ybrant’s digital-channel solutions, flexible and scalable platforms, coupled with massive local presence, enable targeting the right audience for advertisers, delivering the appropriate messages and better monetization for content owners. Ybrant Digital owns proprietary media such as Lycos, Gamesville, getMedia in Latin America and several travel websites in Australia.

4.Tempest Advertising

Company Official Description: A leading ad agency in India, which offers complete solutions for all your advertising and digital marketing including Brand management, Media planning, Corporate Brand positioning, Ad campaigns across all media like digital, print, radio, TV, new media, outdoors. Tempest Advertising offers expertise in web designing & development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media, PR, events, corporate logos, brochures etc.


Company Official Description: Convertal is a full-service Digital Marketing agency in Saifabad, Hyderabad. They are a team of highly imaginative and deeply inspired people with contagious passion and endless creative energy. Founded by a husband-wife duo, they are a bunch of creative, enthusiastic and passionate young brand consultants who live, eat and sleep brand strategy.Their strategic pedigree comes with over 8 years of marketing and consulting experience. Headed by ex-brand managers and IT consultants with combine talent and technology to build connected brands and turn customers into evangelists.

6.Artbeat Communication

Company Official Description: Artbeat is a Hyderabad based agency offering highly professional and yet cost-effective advertising services to multinational corporations, local start-ups and mid to small size companies. Before officially starting Artbeat as a full-fledged agency, it was run as a freelance studio for 9 years. With over 15 years of experience working with some of the biggest names in the business world, over the years they have built up an impressive clientele list, who choose to stay with them because they never compromise on quality and yet make it affordable

 7.Sweet Digital

Company Official Description: SWEET is a full-service Digital Marketing firm founded in 2011 by Chiranjeevi Maddala. The idea of starting this firm was to help businesses, especially small businesses to market their services and products in a more simpler way by leveraging all the relevant digital channels. The company delivers quality services and has the capability to make a difference in branding.


Company Official Description: WebEnrich provides Internet Marketing, Web Design & Development services. They are located in Tarnaka, in the heart of Hyderabad, India and also have an office in Melbourne, Australia. They are a performance driven company with a team of creative, marketing and technical professionals who are focused on nothing but excellence. Their wide experience in the vast world of the web, allows us to tailor our ideas to fit our clients’ marketing needs. Over the past four years, they have successfully added many major clients to their list of clientele.


Company Official Description: ixtouch can be considered as one of the good digital marketing agencies in Hyderabad. The company offers some specific things in digital marketing. The company has services like social media marketing, search engine marketing, pay per click advertisements and website development. This company also does graphic design work which includes logo designing, flyers designing, and many other related services.

10.Emerchant Digital

Company Official Description: They have a bunch of creative designers, a crew of experienced engineers, a gang of proficient marketers, and a team of skillful SEO experts living at e-Merchant Digital Solutions creating wonderful websites and e-commerce solutions to let your business grow online.

!!!Experts Opinion!!!

It’s time to opt for a right digital marketing company who can carry out the jobs in an efficient manner by keeping all your business nature, target audiences and specific objectives in mind. Now hire a desired digital marketing agency from the above list based on their track record and ability to deliver results to customers in the domain.

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Social Media/Ramya

The Role Of Social Media In Hiring – Employers And Job Seekers

Interview alone is not sufficient to hire a qualified candidate. The growth of internet market has its impact on job seekers and companies. The transformation of social media has completely changed the recruitment process that works in general. So HR professional will be expecting the up-to-date information from your social media profiles.

Instead it is a best strategy to introduce yourself in a better and effective manner to the employers. The presence of social media is reducing the cost of hiring and can get the best suitable and highly qualified candidates by sparing a short span of time. The traditional way of job posting is not working anymore.

Social Media platforms are important for job seekers to showcase your profiles. The rise of other social media channels popularity, LinkedIn has lag behind but LinkedIn Is the best network for job seekers. It is important to make sure that you have built a comprehensive and most effective social media profile.

Social Media/Ramya

Current Generation Of Workers

Workers are using digital platforms and they are versatile in using and easily adaptable to new technologies. So there is no barrier for the employers as the candidate can work at any time. This is the best way of targeting the candidates by posting and attracting them to apply.A Perfect way to reach maximum crowd and narrowing yourself in social media.Facebook is known for advertising a post or content based on people’s interest so it reaches to their profile and will appear depending on the criteria you set. This digital strategy is best to gain maximum reach. 89% of companies plan to recruit on social media. The best online presence of your profile will narrow down your profile.

Social Media for Background Screening

Checking the candidate’s social media profile for further information is not new. Instead it is there since very long time. If the candidate is having professional recommendations or legal issues and can also get the information from google. This will also help in identifying the fake content on Resumes. This gives a call whether to hire the candidate’s or not.

Showcases High Caliber Individuals

Companies want to hire the best deserving candidates. If the company is having a positive branding it will help in finding the highly talented and desired candidate for the job profile.

Best candidates want to work for the best company. If your company has image then your companies branding will draw the star players to your organization. Social Media channel presence is not only important to the candidates but it is also an important for the companies.

Digital Marketing Campaign

How to Measure Digital Marketing Campaign?

In this research blog, it has been explained some of the digital marketing measurement theory and important analytic tools which help to measure digital marketing performance and its effectiveness.

Measuring the success of an engaging, exciting and effective digital marketing campaign is considered to be the most essential and the vital part. It is the key responsibility of a brand or a business to measure the digital marketing effectiveness by.

Measuring Digital Marketing Performance

Measuring Digital Marketing ROI

Measuring Digital Marketing Effectiveness


Digital Marketing Measurement Tools

Evaluation of the success rate on each platform, channel, and device will help reveal the status of a campaign. The evaluation process of a campaign includes three stages- past, present, and future. A brand should be able to perform better in the present as compared to the past, and it must have the capability to outperform the present in the future.

Let take up a Look – 

If a brand’s marketing campaign has been achieved a 20% growth in the past, is geared for another 80% in the present, and in the future, wants an incremental growth of 100%. First, they will have to leverage and effectively utilize all possible platforms, channels, and mediums to make their digital marketing campaign achieve the target.

But, to know the actual numbers and judge the success rate they would require to analyze and evaluate every aspect of their campaign. This is the most vital step to deliver the best digital marketing services. That is the reason a renowned digital marketing agency would consider this as his key responsibility while serving its client. For this every brand and decision maker needs to be aware of the procedures and processes of digital marketing measurement process:

  • Choose the correct digital marketing measurement tools
  • Get acquainted with digital marketing measurement formula
  • Utilize the knowledge of digital marketing measurement model
  • Consider all essential digital marketing metrics Analytics.

Digital Marketing Measurement Tools

Measuring tools are the most important elements that are used by any creator or evaluator to help evaluate the end result of a brand campaign. There are several tools that can be used effectively to measure a successful digital marketing campaign, but it is not possible to use each and every tool for every time. That is the reason, a brand has to choose tools that are best suited to judge the success rate of the brand campaign.

Must Check Out Our Recent Digital Marketing Trends and Statistics for 2017.

Similarly, as a digital marketer, the choice should depend solely on the criteria of the product or service for which the campaign is designed, its time period, demography, target sales, etc.

Some of the best digital marketing measurement tools have been mentioned below:

Google Analytics:

A single tool that is helpful for data collection, configuration, data processing and reporting. It’s specialized data reviewing feature helps to analyze the performances of the website or page, apps and different marketing channels used during the campaign.

Google AdWords:

It is a unique tool of Google for designing and maintaining the PPC ads. It also enables to monitor the statistics so that brands can track the success of the ads by calculating the return on investment.

Google Webmaster :

It is a toolset to understand what is going on within the website. Google Search Console or Webmaster Tools helps to analyze contents, identify technical errors, check indexing status and optimize visibility of the websites.


This tool helps to get a clear and complete overview of social media performance in real time and measure the team’s performance. Hootsuite analytics share customized reports of each social media platform’s performance.

Google Alerts:

It is good to be used as a social media tool as it allows to set alerts for a personal name, brand name, and products. These alerts help notifications to remain updated.


Its analytics use simple dashboard interface to reveal the true picture of customers’ interaction with the brand across different channels.


It is an advanced analytics platform that answers the queries of reporting actions. It is apt for mobile and web functions.


It is an ideal tool to identify business KPIs. It is brilliant as it first explores the user database and then creates personalized user experiences for better app performances.


It is a unique online tool that helps to shorten the URL so that it becomes easier to share among different platforms. This is suitable not only for the brand URLs but also to track competitor’s URL.


It is a tool to measure digital marketing campaigns with the help of mobile app attribution and data management procedure.

Digital Marketing Measurement Formula

Formulas are essential to calculate and realize how the brand’s campaign has fared. It helps to compute and fetch the exact value based on all the variables required.

Digital revenue can be calculated on the basis of three factors:

  • Traffic
  • Conversion Rate
  • Product Value

By multiplying these three factors, we’ ll get to know the exact digital revenue result:

Digital Revenue = Traffic x Conversion Rate x Product Value

To generate more digital revenue, bring a significant change in one or all of the three mentioned factors.

The model comprises of five parameters, which has been set to the initial level of campaign formation on the basis of these factors.

  • Objectives
  • Goals
  • KPIs
  • Segments
  • Targets

Many brands have eventually taken the support of the digital marketing measurement procedures, to evaluate their success and build a market position as leaders who have a loyal and stable standing in their industries. Some even believe that it is worth to spend more to scrutinize the marketing effectiveness than to grab visitors’ attention.

However, these factors depend and vary from one brand to another. Focusing on those key factors, it will ultimately help decision maker to carry out a successful marketing campaign in future.


Want To Increase Your Blog (SEO) Traffic??

SEO and Content Marketing takes time, and while a lot of blogs may talk about how you increase your blog traffic in just a couple of months, here we are going to talk about long-term ideas which will result in sustainable growth in the Digital Marketing.

A blog should be a powerful marketing and lead-generation tool that contributes a stronger presence in the search engines. At the same time, it can be a drainpipe on your time and resources that hangs over your head, demanding a constant stream of new content.

The dept knowledge of why it happened isn’t important. Opinion varies. New one’s ideologies blog are have been created. The workload for clients demanded more time from everyone. Strategies are changing.


Does any of this view seem familiar in your own company?

Sometimes it’s been sawed some immediate increases in traffic in your website in the first few months, but what you will get out of this, though, are reliable and repeatable strategies for consistent blog growth.

Here we’re not going to provide some kind of cryptic formula to restore the relationship between you and your blog.

Try to take a tour on Content Calendar

Sometimes, it feels like half the battle with a blog is coming up with fresh ideas for engaging content. How many times can you write about basically the same thing? It’s easy to fall into a groove of producing content for the sake of publishing content it’s there, it’s online, it has keywords, but it doesn’t have a lot of potentials to escape that groove. The solution we found was to engage more people in the creation of the content calendar. Even if they couldn’t write anything for the blog, they certainly had the knowledge and experience to recommend some great topics. Create some catch-able titles which were eventually organized and put into a content calendar, this will include some information that made it more usable than just a list of blog titles.

Here, you can catch out –

  • The type of content
  • The category/topic that the content covered
  • Effective and catchy title
  • The offer (the call to action) that would be included
  • Space to track if it had been assigned, written, published, and link integrated.

These will be worked great for a while, and quickly it will be learned the importance of flexibility in writing blog strategy. Keep trying to change the calendar weekly or monthly, it will impact a good result for current needs. Then you can optimize the result for getting good conversions by including more relevant CTAs. This is, after all, a content calendar, not an unavailable work of art.

What Character Is Played By SEO In This? SEO is big picture stuff. You can’t just do the latest SEO on one page and off page which will be expected to succeed.

Would this SEO page have performed well without taking care of any technical details? It’s complicated to answer this, but we can say that it at least contributed to having more explosive growth.

So, the motivation of this story is – Content Marketing & SEO go hand-in-hand, and you can’t do one without the other.

By making it in a simple way to understand-

Create encouraging content based on long-tail keywords that are related to the topic. This will help you cover a wide range of subjects and even help you fill out that content calendar. After all, we’ve already got a ton of information in our surrounding. We just had to sharpen up our mind to update blogs with links to the content pillars as well as some of the other relevant blogs. Lastly, make sure you’re supporting all these steps with proper promotion across your social channels.

Remember that your overall strategies for verbal creation will have a big impact on your blog traffic, so don’t just publish!

What type of content do you use in your posts? What content do you like on other sites? Let us know your views about all these in the comment section!If more want to brainstorm with some digital topics then take a look at the tone of my blogs.