Easy Haleem Preparation At Home- Step By Step

Directions To Cook

Pour some oil in pan

When oil gets heated

Put meat in pan and add garlic, garam masala power, coriander powder, red chili powder, turmeric powder and salt.

Let the mixture get cooked on medium heat for 10mins.

Take another pan and boil wheat grains with lot of water and salt.

When the texture of the grains become tender and soft add a pinch of soda and allow it to cook for 15 to 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes mix the wheat grains with meat. Mix thoroughly until the complete mixture gets mixed up.

Then grind the lentils in a processor. Prepare a fine paste by adding 2 cups of water while grinding.

Add lintel paste into the meat and wheat mixture and stir to mix well. Keep the pan on a heavy tava on low heat and cook for 30 to 40 minutes.


Fry the sliced onion in oil

When the haleem is cook completely add the fried onions, garam masala powder, fresh mint, and coriander leaves. Keep a lemon slice and serve with haleem.

That’s it.Here ends the process.

Enjoy the essence of cooking with your family.

Happy Cooking!!





Artificial Intelligence

How AI Impacts Digital Marketing – 2018

Artificial Intelligence is already in a dynamically evolving phase by revolutionizing industries. Advent increase in technology affects the business strategies and operations.AI holds a huge potential in the field of digital marketing by providing a better customer experience, targeted marketing and predictive analysis that gives a major impact in obtaining high ROI to business.

AI and Digital Marketing

Marketers were hesitant to incorporate artificial intelligence into their strategies. While with the broad impact AI continues to be the important for business. Marketers witnessed confidence by practical application. They observed that there is less confusion with the application and reaped significant benefits.

Let’s check out how AI can impact digital marketing. What are the capable areas where AI can tremendously boost digital marketing?

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing

1. Makes Your Decisions Easier with Predictive Marketing

Want to know how it works?

Here we go! Whenever a user browses on internet new data is generated and that is collected for AI analysis. The data which is obtained can reveal the information like user needs and future actions. Based on this data marketing can be optimized to get the most relevant information.

This further reduces the sales-cycle work as the relevant information is handed over to customers all at one go. The predictive campaigns can drastically reduce customer research on the product. From the view of marketers, they can continue to analyze the buyer through data and even make the customers back.AI-enabled algorithms will have a huge impact and challenge the current ‘hotshots’ like SEO. With AI powering chances of trends such as SEO, banner ads become obsolete.

 2.Personalizing the user experience

 This is the major breakthrough where AI can create a significant impact. The major concept of a marketer in fact the belief of a marketer is customer is the king. When it comes to digital marketing content is the king. So, if content marketing strategy is aligned with artificial intelligence it could show the ultimate impact. Based on data gathered such as customer interests, buying behavior and especially on customer search, customized content campaigns can be conducted.

Chatbots are another example of AI interference which are designed to interact with the customers. This would completely enhance the user experience. Traditional chatbot and text communication will soon give away to a multi-dimensional approach with sensory abilities such as voice and touch. It gives the complete virtual experience as talking to a real person with consciousness.

Augmented reality, will help user to make easy decision as they are able to perceive the product even before purchasing. This will regulate a quicker response from the customer and in turn generates the revenue.

3.Using image recognition to get maximum ROI

 Image recognition was confined only to identify the objects but with the emerging technology AI can assist to get the complete information of an image. This can be used in various ways for various sectors.

For Banking Sector for making the fastest payment process and improve the customer security.

The social media outreach is more with the images. According to the research the world population shares around 4 billion images a day. Machine language software will look for images in social media and compare it to a large image library to draw relation. AI will help to align the marketing strategies in order to extract maximum Return on Investment.


 Finally we can know much better than we ever did.  Artificial intelligence will bring marketers and customers closer in the coming years. There will be a mutual benefits to customers in better understanding of a product and marketers have a better understanding of consumers. Artificial Intelligence acts as a link between Customer and marketer.

With artificial intelligence as the connecting link between them, it would be interesting to see how digital marketing turns out in 2018.Predictive analysis will Optimize decision making, and better sales-cycle. But this time both customers and brands would be on the winning side.

Let’s watch how marketers are going to use this Artificial Intelligence and multiply their revenue.

Do share your valuable comments if this blog is informative.Stay Tune for more updates about Artificial Intelligence!!

—–Happy Weekend—–

Social Media/Ramya

The Role Of Social Media In Hiring – Employers And Job Seekers

Interview alone is not sufficient to hire a qualified candidate. The growth of internet market has its impact on job seekers and companies. The transformation of social media has completely changed the recruitment process that works in general. So HR professional will be expecting the up-to-date information from your social media profiles.

Instead it is a best strategy to introduce yourself in a better and effective manner to the employers. The presence of social media is reducing the cost of hiring and can get the best suitable and highly qualified candidates by sparing a short span of time. The traditional way of job posting is not working anymore.

Social Media platforms are important for job seekers to showcase your profiles. The rise of other social media channels popularity, LinkedIn has lag behind but LinkedIn Is the best network for job seekers. It is important to make sure that you have built a comprehensive and most effective social media profile.

Social Media/Ramya

Current Generation Of Workers

Workers are using digital platforms and they are versatile in using and easily adaptable to new technologies. So there is no barrier for the employers as the candidate can work at any time. This is the best way of targeting the candidates by posting and attracting them to apply.A Perfect way to reach maximum crowd and narrowing yourself in social media.Facebook is known for advertising a post or content based on people’s interest so it reaches to their profile and will appear depending on the criteria you set. This digital strategy is best to gain maximum reach. 89% of companies plan to recruit on social media. The best online presence of your profile will narrow down your profile.

Social Media for Background Screening

Checking the candidate’s social media profile for further information is not new. Instead it is there since very long time. If the candidate is having professional recommendations or legal issues and can also get the information from google. This will also help in identifying the fake content on Resumes. This gives a call whether to hire the candidate’s or not.

Showcases High Caliber Individuals

Companies want to hire the best deserving candidates. If the company is having a positive branding it will help in finding the highly talented and desired candidate for the job profile.

Best candidates want to work for the best company. If your company has image then your companies branding will draw the star players to your organization. Social Media channel presence is not only important to the candidates but it is also an important for the companies.

Clorful Floral Bunch/ramya-2018

Meaning Of Different Colored Roses- You Probably Don’t Know

Every flower has a wonderful message to convey and a unique story to portrait.Beautiful roses symbolizes different sentiments and emotions.Missed any opportunity in life and fear of losing your loved ones, enjoy the game of life and get the taste of winning too. Don’t fear when spring is near and rose day is here. Convey your feelings when a single rose can speak millions of words.

There is a subtle difference between being interested and remaining committed. Always remember to be genuine then you never feel alone. Cheers your life!

It is that time when love is noticeable all around and individuals around the globe are caught up with making arrangements with high spirits of Valentine’s Day festivities. While countless keep up that they needn’t bother with one day to praise love and esteem their uncommon ones, individuals, anticipate investing energy with their friends and family and companions around this time. And finally there is another set of people who feel shy to share their feelings. So here is a hint for them to convey their message in a more meaningful manner.

By knowing precisely what each rose shading speaks to, you can choose the correct shades keeping in mind the end goal to accurately pass on a genuine message to the loved ones.

Let’s start with a bright and bold color

Red Rose

Generally, red roses have specifically symbolized love. Truth be told; Valentine’s Day would be deficient without this great shade. Red shading rose implies enthusiasm, vitality, persisting sentiment and undying or genuine romance. All around, the red shading rose has been decode as the Lover’s Rose. Artists have frequently utilized its importance to pass on sentiment and love in their lyrics.

Red Rose/Ramya-2018

White Rose

For a considerable length of time, white roses have been utilized for symbolizing, put stock in, peace and trustworthiness. White shading has numerous implications including immaculateness, guiltlessness and youthful love. In numerous nations including Scotland, the blossoming of a white rose in somebody’s home amid pre-winter was taken as a sign of early marriage.

White Rose/Ramya-2018

Pink Rose

To showcase your love, appreciation and thankfulness to somebody, blessing them a pink rose speaks more. This shade symbolizes that you are acknowledging and respecting. Pink hued roses can be talented to partners, to closest companions, to guardians, kin, and even to instructors.

Pink rose/ramya-2018

Yellow Rose

In the Period of Victorian Era, sending a bundle of yellow roses to somebody was emblematic of desire and envy. Today, yellow roses mean precisely the inverse: fellowship. Giving somebody yellow roses implies that you wishes to pass on much appreciated, thankfulness and fellowship. One can never turn out badly with yellow shading roses while praising companions. Yellow shading itself symbolizes daylight, energy and bliss; so it can be utilized to pass on implications like warmth, joy and fondness.

Yellow Roses/ramya-2018

Purple Rose

Purple symbolizes lavishness, sovereignty and grand radiance. Generally people opt for this color of roses when there is a grand occasion to greet the couple with a bundle of roses. These shades are likewise perfect for honoring a lost accomplice or companion. Utilize further shades of purple shading roses for more private settings.

Purple rose/ramya-2018

Peach Rose

Peach roses are so sensitive but so enchanting. Their primary fascination is their basic tastefulness and inhale taking excellence. The symbolic hugeness of peach roses is as drawing in as their rich magnificence. The delicate peach shade in a rose is quick picking up in ubiquity, and is presently broadly adored by many.

Peach Roses/ramya-2018


Roses are perfect blossoms for communicating your feelings. Since you know about the implications they pass on; we trust you can grasp the conceivable meaning behind a bundle you have gotten or regardless of whether you are hoping to bless a specific shade with a basic message to someone special.