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Check out why Hyderabad Ranked the as Best City in India again?? | By Karunakar from ZICA Hyd

Hyderabad is the best city in India

I guess I have to leave Hyderabad. Yes, It got ranked as the best city in India but as a Digital Marketing professional, I got competition. Sob Sob… Bye, Bye Hyderabad. Hehe just kidding. Sorry for the drama but it is my students from Zee institute who are amazing with their spirit and enthusiasm to write blogs. 

Here’s a blog from my student, Karunakar.

Hyderabad Ranked as the Best City in India:

Yahooo. Hyderabad ranked as the best city in India. This is the fifth time that we are seeing that Hyderabad ranked as best.

With the best tropical climate, Hyderabad provides pleasant living standards to each and every individual including me.

I’m living in Hyderabad for 6 years & no day felt typical to me and it has the best environment.

Other cities like Bangalore, Pune one cannot live for long days but our Hyderabad provides the best cost of living nature.

As we look up into the studies Hyderabad has a wide variety of universities all over to have the best education.

Food… Hyderabad has unique dishes serving all over the world that is Hyderabadi biryani.

The best part of Hyderabad is the unity in diversity it’s the motto where everyone lives with togetherness allowing anyone from different countries.

Offoo… Hyderabad police are very much strict on not wearing helmets then how come they leave the criminals to do crimes. So, it has a low crime rate.

As a part of the Swachh Bharat, Hyderabad is maintaining proper sanitation and low polluting vehicles with the proper plantations of trees everywhere.  

New businesses are coming forward to provide different attractions to the Hyderabadis.

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This is the end of the blog, well nice job Karunakar, Let’s see how people will react. Drop a comment (with love).

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