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Gully Boy Movie Plot – Reality Behind – by Akshay Kumar – Zee Institute

Gully Boy Movie Plot

The 2 words everyone chanting these days, ‘Meri Gully Mein’, ‘Apna Time Aayega’. Yes, you guessed it right. I am talking about the movie Gully Boy.  I personally loved the film, its plot, music, performances, acting etc.

I thought of mentioning a blog related to a movie I recently watched, but it turns out to be that my student is already a step ahead. As a part of his activity, I asked my student Akshay Kumar (not the actor, just a student) from ZEE institute to write a blog and he took the same topic. So I dropped my idea of the blog (just to avoid competition ssshhuh !!).

So here it goes:

To get relief from work stress, we thought of going to a movie (Gully Boy ) and had a plan, and it was one of the best movie released this month. We were both amazed and stunned by the movie story, music & its plot.

Out of curiosity, I was just checking the movie reviews of Gully Boy and there I came to know the reality. So, here I will be explaining in “ plot of Gully Boy’’. But, before that let us check the box office collection of this movie.

Box Office Collection In 10 Days :

The movie released in theaters on 14 February 2019. I was really shocked to see the collection of Gully Boy which was grossed over ₹220 crore (US$31 million) worldwide against a production budget of ₹40 crore (US$5.6 million) and I can’t stop myself from writing in this plot.

The Detailed Explanation of Gully Boy Movie Plot :

This movie was made on a real story which was inspired by the lives of street rappers Divine & Naezy, an Indian rapper from Mumbai, India.

Murad Ahmed ( alias Ranveer Singh ), a final year college student, lives in Dharavi, slums of Mumbai. His father Aftab brings home a much younger second wife, much to the chagrin of the family. Murad nurtures a fascination with rap music and writes lyrics to express himself. His longtime girlfriend Safeena ( alias Alia Bhatt ) is training to be a surgeon and routinely meets him in secret. Forced to work part-time at their own clinic after his father is injured, Murad continues to write, with his lyrics informed by the inequalities he observes while on the job.One day Shrikant (alias MC Sher) gives a live performance in a college and Murad was enjoying the show and thinks to get in touch with him. So that Sher can rap the songs written by him. While he was trying for that, he is drawn into performing his lyrics at underground shows and eventually uploading a video on YouTube with a name – Gully Boy

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Berklee College student Sky reacts on video on youtube, so then Sher replies to her and in that conversation, they will make a decision to meet Sky. Then Sky reaches out to Murad and Sher, offering to collaborate on a new song. The accompanying video, which is shot in Dharavi, rapidly becomes popular.

Murad and Sher enter a contest to open for Nas at his Mumbai concert, and Murad advances to the finals after a successful rap battle. Murad’s confidence grows from interacting with rap fans appreciation of his performances, and he finally stands up to his father and uncle when they belittle his passion. The movie ends with Murad’s family and friends watching as Murad, the winner of the contest begins his opening performance. So, Guys do remember – APNA TIME AAYEGA..!

This was the blog by my Akshay Kumar (again not the actor just my student :-p ) . Eagerly waiting for your comments for the same. I will be happy to share this with him. Signing offf.

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