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Zomato Food Delivery Controversy – Delivered Chicken to Vegetarian

Zomato Food Delivered - Non Veg Food to Agarwal

Zomato food delivery controversy is actually talk of the town. On one hand, all the food delivery businesses are keen on capturing the market, on another hand, we are seeing how much we are relying on the businesses.

Zomato is also one of leading food delivery service provider (via APP) who has been spending quite a huge amount on their advertisement. A few days ago, while roughly scrolling FB newsfeed, I found this video which was quite disturbing.

A born vegetarian (Agarwal) ordered Paneer and was shocked to see a chicken piece into it. The veggie streamed live video.

It was posted by Praveen Kumar Agarwal, CEO of SIPL posted this video .

Check this out:

The video went viral and gathered people’s frustration. Some blamed restaurant, some blamed Zomato. People with the mixed opinion about the Zomato and restaurant’s mistake of delivering Nonveg food to a born vegetarian shared their comments.

Zomato Food Delivery Controversy- Non veg Food to born vegetarian

My concern is about the religious sentiments that are damaged permanently. Being a Muslim, who is partially atheist, I cannot even imagine what Mr. Praveen have gone through.

Media Coverage for Zomato Food Delivery Controversy:

From Hans India:

Hans India - Zomato Food Delivery Controversy Coverage

Check other media coverage here

Action Taken: Zomato Fired Delivery Executive for Delivering Nonveg food to vegetarian.

I don’t think that it is fair to get this action. Delivery Executive can’t be blamed fully. It is the restaurant who did this blunder. However, in this whole scene of controversy, restaurant name has not been out in public yet. But considering the social status of Mr. Praveen Agarwal, possibly it is a very reputed restaurant, maybe 5-star restaurant.

If we follow Mr. Praveen’s Social Media and news interviews, He is asking to get that ‘Reputed Restaurant’ delisted from Zomato.

There’s no official reply from Zomato to any of the interview or post by  Mr. Praveen. Well, nothing can turn the damaged done to the religious sentiments of him, let’s see what kind of action Zomato will be taking.

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