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Just in: Mumbai Chartered Plane Crash, 5 Dead, Many Injured

Mumbai Plane Crash

The flight was on its peaceful journey and was almost landed in Mumbai. Just before getting it landed, the pilot noticed the malfunction and ended up crashing into the construction site and a heavily populated suburban area of Ghatkopar. 

Highlights: Mumbai Plane Crash:

  • A flight which was about to land on Mumbai got crashed while landing.
  • The flight was malfunctioned and was reportedly got crash landed and hit by a massive fire.
  • The fire got widespread with the adjacent tree and currently, the Firefighters are trying to overcome the fire.
  • 5 dead and many injured

“We heard a loud blast voice, we thought it’s some construction work, but was shocked to see that there was chaos”. A teenager said to NDTV.

Due to the friction of the crash land, the fire broke out. With the trees attached to the site quickly caught the fire and the situation turned even worse.

5 people died on the spot. Many people have been severely injured.

“We were working on the construction site and within few minutes we saw the many of our people were injured”, said site workers to India Times.

The Firefighters came to the spot and trying to hold on the situation by saving people.

Let’s hope the situation will be under control soon.


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