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Awe Movie Plot Explained

Awe movie Plot explained

When the teaser of ‘Awe’ was released a few weeks ago, it didn’t reveal anything about the story or plot. Now, when the movie is out. there are people who loved the film, on the other hand, there are many who said the film was too complex to understand, some said the climax was laid down. 

Well, I watched this film yesterday and was completely blown away by its uniqueness, the way of narration and technical details. 

In this blog, I am explaining the plot of Awe and talking about the few details you might have missed. But before that, SPOILER ALERT. 

So if you haven’t watched the film stop reading this, read this instead, Where is God

Here is the Plot explanation of the movie ‘Awe’

Have you seen the film, let me rephrase, Have you seen the film carefully? the opening song of the film (which have casting names) shows us an animated world of different characters walking and the background shows us the depth of what it shapes them. For example, a man walking tirelessly has ‘no vacancy’ boards on the background showcasing he is in need of a job. One after the other the characters goes and by the end of the song the screen splits and every character that walked appears and eventually that merge up into women… It has the very deep meaning which we will discuss in the last section of this blog.

PLOT Explanation of 'Awe'

You are aware of the story, right? There’s a lone disturbed woman in a restaurant, mentioning about mass murder, which mentioned in the teaser as well. There’s a guy who wanna be a chef (to earn) be friends with fish and Bonsai tree. There’s a girl who convincing her parents for a lesbian marriage. There’s a stubborn magician who gets irritated when a little girl says he is not the greatest magician. There’s a waitress who is haunted by a ghost also whose boyfriend is planning a robbery. There’s a guy (a scientist who tries to build a time machine) soon meets a lady who came from future and is the same guy who’ll change sex in future (why??? unexplained).

Series of events happen in their stories and all the stories get connected when the waitress’s boyfriend catches a small girl and every other character now in the same screen trying to save the girl. Then comes a ghost, which appears in the body of the waitress. The disturbed lady on other hand pays the bill (huge amount), picks up a gun, shoots herself. and all the characters die.

The Plot of AWE gets even complicated in the last  15 minutes

Remember we talked about how in opening credits and how the splitting of all characters into a woman had a deeper meaning? It is because every character that is shown is inside that one character who commits suicide. She is basically a patient suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder. She is the one who faced child abuse, she was the one who felt solace with a woman, She was the one who was building a time machine, she was the one who was believing in God more than magic,  but was outraged by the negativity of evil spirit. All these complicated scenarios were running in her mind and hence she couldn’t bear it anymore and kills herself, eventually killing every character and hence the mass murder of her own different characters was done.

It takes a lot of courage to execute such script and  moreover, the credit mainly goes to the Director, Prashant Varma 

Some may find the climax awesome, other may find awful. But the bottom line is, we got a beautiful masterpiece of story telling and takes the pride of Indian Filmmaking to another level.

This was all about the plot of ‘Awe’. I would love to hear from you, share it in the comment section.

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  1. I didn’t understand how some characters interacted if they were herself. Like how was she magician and the girl at the same time?

    1. I am glad you commented with a genuine query. Actually, She was interacting with herself, due to multiple personalities. Her inner identity was altered among different people who have different perceptions. For example, her inner self (magician) was saying no one is better than her. The other inner personality of her (little girl) was saying the biggest magician is God (showcased as Lord Krishna).

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