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The Role Of Social Media In Hiring – Employers And Job Seekers

Social Media/Ramya

Interview alone is not sufficient to hire a qualified candidate. The growth of internet market has its impact on job seekers and companies. The transformation of social media has completely changed the recruitment process that works in general. So HR professional will be expecting the up-to-date information from your social media profiles.

Instead it is a best strategy to introduce yourself in a better and effective manner to the employers. The presence of social media is reducing the cost of hiring and can get the best suitable and highly qualified candidates by sparing a short span of time. The traditional way of job posting is not working anymore.

Social Media platforms are important for job seekers to showcase your profiles. The rise of other social media channels popularity, LinkedIn has lag behind but LinkedIn Is the best network for job seekers. It is important to make sure that you have built a comprehensive and most effective social media profile.

Social Media/Ramya

Current Generation Of Workers

Workers are using digital platforms and they are versatile in using and easily adaptable to new technologies. So there is no barrier for the employers as the candidate can work at any time. This is the best way of targeting the candidates by posting and attracting them to apply.A Perfect way to reach maximum crowd and narrowing yourself in social media.Facebook is known for advertising a post or content based on people’s interest so it reaches to their profile and will appear depending on the criteria you set. This digital strategy is best to gain maximum reach. 89% of companies plan to recruit on social media. The best online presence of your profile will narrow down your profile.

Social Media for Background Screening

Checking the candidate’s social media profile for further information is not new. Instead it is there since very long time. If the candidate is having professional recommendations or legal issues and can also get the information from google. This will also help in identifying the fake content on Resumes. This gives a call whether to hire the candidate’s or not.

Showcases High Caliber Individuals

Companies want to hire the best deserving candidates. If the company is having a positive branding it will help in finding the highly talented and desired candidate for the job profile.

Best candidates want to work for the best company. If your company has image then your companies branding will draw the star players to your organization. Social Media channel presence is not only important to the candidates but it is also an important for the companies.

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