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Feed Hungry People Not the Dustbins

Feed Hungry People Not the Dustbins

In this blog, we will share few shocking facts about hungry people and stats about hunger and why it is important to donate food.

Let us tell you one thing you are really blessed because not everyone is as lucky as you to have food on time. When we are praying to god for a new car, house, favorite bike etc, there are people who pray for proper food. 

Stats About Hunger: Global Level

According to food aid foundation, the stats are as follows,

  1. Around 795 million people in the world don’t get enough food on daily basis.
  2. 1/9th of the total population of this globe starve to death.
  3. Approximately, 2/3rd of the total population in Asia faces problem of hunger
  4. Malnutrition is the reason of about 45% of the total children deaths in Asian and African countries.
  5. Around 9 million people die every year due to hunger. Double than people dying of HIV.

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Stats About Hunger: India

  1. As per, 1/3rd of the total hungry people are from India
  2. More than 25 lakh Indians go to bed every day with eating.
  3. India has more hungry people than neighboring countries, as per recent stats.
  4. More than 35% of the children in India suffer from Malnutrition, as per Wikipedia.
  5. Not only children, even adult undernutrition is very high in India.

Amartya Singh about hungry people

Scenario Of Food Wastage In India

If you just type ‘Food Wastage in India’ you can find plenty of articles published. The business world in their article mentioned, “Indians waste as much food as the whole of United Kingdom consumes. In a nation like India where millions still sleep hungry on streets, it’s not a good statistic”. Yes, it is true and is a crying shame for all of us in India. We spend lakhs of rupees in arranging marriage ceremonies and its true that on an average, 25% of the food gets wasted and thrown in the garbage.

You might be thinking, what authorities are doing. We can’t blame the government for everything. We shall ask ourselves, what we have done? We are someone who throws food in the dustbins, we are someone who spends a huge amount on weddings but while donating, we become a miser.

So, the bottom line is

“Let’s feed hungry people, not the dustbins”

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