How Personalised Speech Therapy Programs Helps Stroke Patients Regain their Speech?

How personalized speech therapy programs help Stroke patients regain their speech

It goes without saying that stroke is certainly the most catastrophic experience that any individual can undergo in their lifetime. Strokes most often are responsible for paralyzing any one side of the body that may persist for a temporary time period or be permanent. Once an individual suffers a stroke, his or her memory, balance, cognition, speech and vision can be highly affected. Also, the patient has high chances of experiencing deep pain and muscle spasms as post complications after suffering a stroke. Some or all of the mentioned issues may be experienced by the stroke survivors and they may experience problems in their day to day life’s basic tasks like dressing and bathing by themselves. As a result, a stroke survivor usually faces a lot of challenges in continuing their normal lives as parents, spouses or employees.

Of all the post stroke complications, the one major complication is difficulty in communication. As per the various medical researches, it has been revealed that up to 40% of the stroke survivors suffer from aphasia. This is a medical condition where a stroke survivor suffers from an impaired ability in processing and understanding language. In this disorder, intelligence might not be affected but it often becomes challenging for the stroke survivors to understand others and also suffer from impending abilities to write and read.

What is a speech therapist’s role?   

The speech therapists in Hyderabad play a crucial role in the rehabilitation of the stroke survivors. They have the ability to determine and treat the post stroke speech disorders that concern the language, swallowing ability, cognitive communication and a set of few issues. Thus, the ultimate goal of a speech therapist is to facilitate the patient in attaining the ultimate level of the communication and language ability by providing them systematic and organized treatment.

How speech therapists help patients?

The speech therapists in Hyderabad have the capability of addressing several issues like disorders in speech and swallowing disability that affects the patients’ ability to function normally and independently. The speech therapists follow an organized and customized plan of treatment where the therapist assesses every patient and then prepare a personalized treatment plan that would work best for the concerned patient. The speech therapists help the patients with a deficit in language by the implementation of various strategies in order to re-train the words’ retrieval. The speech therapists also recommend the participation in some group therapies in order to improve the conversational skills of the stroke survivors. There are several things which are included in this program such as, the clarifying of the ideas and taking turns. There are also role-plays included in this program which helps the patients to encourage talking over the phone and also interacting with fictional characters like a sale clerk in a grocery store etc.

In addition to the above, the speech therapists’ interface with the team of physiotherapists for the purpose of overall recovery of the stroke survivors’. They work together in completely ensuring the patients receive the most relevant and much-required care. For instance, the speech therapist may work in association with the occupational therapist to make the patient ready to get back to work or school. When the patients return to either of the environment, the speech therapist can coordinate with the employer or the education specialist to change the work environment or the learning environment for meeting the stroke survivor’s needs. In case the cognitive skills of the stroke survivor are affected, then the speech trainer makes it a point to train the concerned patients on properly using a memory log in order to observe the patients’ day to day activities and help them with an organizer for planning out the daily tasks. In the process helping out the stroke survivors as well as the care givers, the speech trainer strives in doing away with the functional deficits of the stroke survivor. With the right analysis of the functional deficits, it becomes easy to monitor and address them proactively.

Swallow therapy: A key part of Speech Therapy

One of the crucial skills for a patient after a stroke is their swallowing ability. The speech trainer possesses the skillset of evaluating the stroke survivor’s ability to swallow. The speech trainers after determining the swallowing capacity of the stroke survivor make certain recommendations to the patients regarding the techniques of feeding and the probable changes in terms of the drinks and foods that would help the stroke survivors to adapt well.

Selecting the best speech therapist

Among the several challenges that the stroke survivor faces, the inability to communicate is perhaps the most challenging. The inability of the patients to communicate clearly would lead them to major isolation and push them towards depression. Thus, it is very crucial for the stroke survivors to seek speech therapy in Hyderabad for a quick recovery.



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