How Rehabilitation Centers Helps Patients Recover Faster From Brain Surgery

How rehabilitation centers help patients recover faster from brain surgery

After undergoing a brain surgery, it takes time for the patient to recover completely. The process of recovery varies from case to case and depends on the following:

  • The part of the brain operated
  • The brain’s areas which are affected by the surgery
  • The age and the overall health condition of the patient

At the time of discharge from the hospital after the brain surgery, the patient is prescribed to opt for the care at a rehabilitation center. The rehabilitation centers in India provide world-class services in caring for the patients. As per the condition of the patient after a brain surgery, the physicians provide a complete list of verbal and written instructions regarding the smooth transition of the patient from the hospital to home. These instructions include the patient’s prescriptions and medications, the proper care of the patient’s incision, the timely appointments for post-operation checkups with the surgeon & team and most necessarily the rehabilitation care that the patient ideally requires for complete and fast recovery.

This goes without saying that the patients after getting discharged from the hospital after a brain surgery need additional care to deal with the post-surgery health challenges and to return back quickly to their normal life style. The brain tumor surgeries as well as other brain surgeries often result in several problems related to the behavior, thought and the physical abilities of the patients. So, in order to deal with these challenges post brain surgery, physical therapy (PT), occupational therapy (OT), nurses and speech therapy are available which assist the patients in transitioning to normal and healthy life after getting discharged from the hospital. All types of care are provided by the most reputed and well-organized rehabilitation centers in India.

There are several times when the patients require some additional care that is not possible to be extended at home. Thus, in such cases, the patients after undergoing a brain surgery are discharged from the hospital and transferred to an inpatient rehabilitation center in India for few days keeping in mind the well-being and the safety of the patient.

Rehabilitation therapies

Rehabilitation therapies broadly include the following:

  • Physical therapy which assesses the patient’s scope of improvement in walking safely and climbing stairs before being allowed to lead an independent life after a brain surgery. The physical therapists help the patients to majorly focus and improve their balance and strength.
  • Occupational therapy is aimed towards assessing the patient’s ability to perform the day-to-day activities like using the bathroom independently, getting dressed and taking care of personal hygiene daily.
  • Speech therapy is aimed towards assessing the problems of the patient in terms of thinking ability, language, and speech. The speech therapists are also able to assess the problems in a patient who is experiencing difficulty in swallowing after a brain surgery.

All the above-mentioned care related to physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy are available under the same roof in the rehabilitation centers in India but these part of these facilities & care can be made available through home visits if the patient has problems in traveling or staying in the rehabilitation center.

The processes used by rehabilitation centers to help patients after brain surgery

Opting for the services from a popular rehabilitation center helps in speeding up the recovery process for the patient after the surgery. The type of the rehabilitation entirely depends on the condition of the patient post the brain surgery. Following are the conventional rehabilitation services provided by the rehabilitation centers in India to help the patients recover.

  • Rehabilitation through inpatient facility

After a brain surgery when a patient is discharged from the hospital, most of them require assistance in their day to day living. An inpatient rehabilitation is offered by the therapists of a rehabilitation center in the hospital under the supervision of the physicians. This is easier and affordable for the patients and they get to recover in a more structured environment. The patients usually avail of the inpatient rehabilitation services till the time they get well enough to return back home.

  • Rehabilitation through outpatient facility

In this process, the patients can stay at home after the brain surgery and opt for the expert rehabilitation care in the home itself. The major goal of any rehabilitation center is to facilitate the patients to heal after the brain surgery and return back to normal life as soon as possible. When the patients opt for outpatient facility, the rehabilitation centers provide attentive care through experienced professionals in order to help the patients to recover efficiently and comfortably.

  • Physical therapy post-surgery

This process of rehabilitation majorly encompasses a wide range of therapies that are intended to increase the physical strength and the coordination of a patient after a brain surgery. The physical therapy is personalized depending on the condition of the patient. The physical therapy is very useful for the patients to recover from the general weakness after the surgery and also to heal the neurological damage with the help of muscle training.

  • Occupational therapy after brain surgery

Occupational therapy is a major part of the rehabilitation process and helps the patient to recover after the surgery. No matter what is the issue caused to the patient after the surgery, the occupational therapy will focus on the various weaknesses that affect the patient in his/her daily life after the brain surgery. There are several times when the patient requires modifications in their home after the brain surgery just like the bathtub fixtures etc. The occupational therapists usually teach the patients to use the modified fixtures safely.

  • Speech therapy after surgery

Many patients after a brain surgery face difficulties in speaking and swallowing correctly. This particular therapy attempts to correct the difficulties in the mouth and throat. All muscles which are required to speak and swallow are being taken care of in this therapy. The therapists usually use a combination of medical devices and personal observations to evaluate and plan a personalized and effective recovery plan.

So, the experts always suggest opting for the rehabilitation services after a brain surgery from a reputed inpatient rehabilitation center in India in order to facilitate a quick recovery after a brain surgery.

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