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He sells tea for a living but that didn’t stop him from taking his wife on 18 honeymoons!

65 year-old Vijayan and his wife Mohana, from Kochi, are quite the Globetrotters! They have travelled to over 18 countries till now and wish to travel more. Vijayan was bitten by the travel bug quite early in his life. He would accompany his father to different temples in Kerala. He realized that the days he spent travelling were his best memories.

His travel plans came to a halt when his father passed and young Vijayan was now responsible for the entire family’s welfare. 1988 working as a cook for his employer, Vijayan once again resumed his travel expeditions. He accompanied the man to the Himalayas for pilgrimage.His wanderlust side took the forefront again but this time he had his wife, Mohana, to share the experience with. Coming from an underprivileged background, both Vijayan and Mohana dreamed big.The couple has explored far away cities, states and countries on their own. Finances do pose a problem but the couple has an innovative way to tackle that. They rely on loans for the expenditures and spend the next few years repaying them.Vijayan makes it a point to save rupees 300 every day for the flight tickets.

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